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Dependable Cleaners the smart laundry answers to all your laundry needs. We provide affordable laundry service that is designed around YOU and YOUR needs.


Elizabeth Di Lorio

Every visit to Dependable Cleaners is satisfying. I drop off the dirty clothes without any worries of counting them, or checking the pockets for valuables, and I get back a clean set of clothes with any valuables of papers left in the pockets as a separate folder. Mr. Paresh and his staff is very trustworthy and a pleasure to meet on every visit.

Ken Brown

I have been using Dependable cleaners for a very long time. I have seen a lot of dry cleaning stores come and go in this area, but Dependable stays strong as well, because of their focus on customer service and quality of their work. In all these years, I have never negotiated for anything with Mr. Paresh. He takes care of everything for me, and offers me discounts without even asking for it.