Dry Cleaning & Tailoring Service in New Jersey

Dependable Cleaners Services

For Businesses

We are devoted to providing your business, Groups and Wedding Clothes with the most gainful and dependable laundry service in your area. Every laundry plan is customized to our client's specific needs and budget. We will work one on one with you to set up a pick up/drop off schedule that accommodates your work flow. Whether you are an independent massage therapist or a bustling catering business, we can offer you a laundry service that is on-time, reliable and flexible to your changing laundry burden Contact us today for an estimate.

For Individuals

We provide all kinds of cleaning services for your precious possessions and day to day clothing items. Get exclusive deals and loyalty rewards for your patronage with us. The more you use our services, the more you save with laundry and cleaning services.

    Services we offer:
    Professional Alternations & Tailoring
    Suede & Leather Cleaning
    Wedding Gowns & Formal Dresses
    Household Goods
    Fur Cleaning
    Shirt Laundering
    Box Shirts/ Pants offered
    All Garments Pre-Spotted


-Mr. Shaan Baweja

I have been using your services for over 2 years now. I am very pleased with the quality service and the personal care that you provide. The pricing is just right and I am sure I will be your regular customer for the rest of my life in New Jersey.

-Ms. Beth Corrigan

I love the way you handled my wedding dress. It is an expensive dress and I was a bit reluctant to try you out, but the way you handled everything, I am truly amazed. I have the wedding dress folded and saved for years to come. Thank you for your quality service

-Ms. Swati Khanna

Thank you Mr. Paresh. You have done a great job with my entire family's wedding dresses. We bought theses dresses from India, and were a bit concerned because the dresses had a lot of Indian food on them, and I wasn't sure if we would be able to use these dresses again. You made them look just like new. Thank you.