Dry Cleaning & Tailoring Service in New Jersey

Frequently Asked Questions

At "Dependable Cleaners & Tailor" we take pride in our quality of service, but as a consumer, you may have a few questions or doubts in your mind because of the discount stores ($1.99 for any garment) that have come up in every city. We want to clear some of your doubts through these FAQs.

Q 1. Why should I pay more for dry cleaning at "Dependable", when I can get my clothes dry-cleaned for $1.99?

Ans. Dry cleaning is a "labor intensive" job if done the right way. The $1.99 stores do a lot of things to cut corners and accommodate their services at a low price and still be able to pay salaries of the employees. These compromises lead to a long-term negative impact on your clothes. So the question is, do you want to compromise on the quality of the service on your garments for a lower price?

Q 2.But how can the prices vary so much? I see prices from $1.99 to $24.99 in some stores?

Ans. Prices vary based on the level of service provided by the dry cleaner. Always keep in mind, "you get what you pay for". There are many ways to cut corners in a dry cleaning business and, in order to make a profit; the lower priced cleaners are forced to cut a lot of corners. At these "discount" cleaners; they may be using dirty solvent or not adding detergent to it. The dirt, grime, and nasty stuff from other people's clothes may be transferred over to your clothes.

Q 3. What if my clothes have stains on it when I hand them to you?

Ans. The discount stores do not attempt to remove stains by hand, but we work on your clothes by hand because these clothes are precious to you and some of them may be delicate to handle by large machines. If a stain does not come out in the machine, the discount stores will just slap a "sorry" tag on it.

Q 4. What about minor fixes to the garments?

Ans. You can usually forget about getting a button replaced or any other minor repair work done complimentary by any of the discount stores, but we take pride in fixing your garments so they are ready to go when you pick them up.

Q 5. How do dry cleaners iron the clothes?

Ans. We iron the clothes by hand to make sure that our employees understand the type of the garment and accordingly take measures to control the temperature and humidity settings.

Q 6. What about "sizing" (conditioning) of the clothes?

Ans. Sizing is an expensive additive that does for your clothes what conditioner does for your hair. The discount stores will skip the deodorant additive and the anti-static chemicals as well. So, your clothes may come back with a funky chemical smell or be covered in lint. But we use the right products to condition your clothes and make them fresh and clean.

Q 7. Which dry cleaner should I pick to get the best value?

Ans. The best value for your dry cleaning dollar can usually be found near the "middle range" in price. "Dependable" is just the right fit for you. We charge average prices but we provide "full service" at a reasonable price.

Q 8. How can I pick the right dry cleaner?

Ans. As you shop around, you should interview the cleaners you try. Here are a few bold questions to ask them. A good cleaner, worthy of your patronage will not be insulted by these questions and they should be able to answer them.

  • I'm shopping for a "full service" cleaner. Could you please walk me through the basic steps that you will be taking with my clothes?
  • Does your spotter work on stains before and after they go into the machine?
  • Do you replace missing buttons and do minor repair work without being asked?
  • Do you have an inspector who checks the quality before the clothes are packaged?
  • If I'm not happy with the way my clothes come back, will you reprocess them free of charge?
  • Do you offer free pick-up and delivery service to my home or office?


"Dependable Cleaners & Tailor" has been business for over 2 decades and we know this business well enough to understand how the discount stores operate. We believe in providing the best service and an affordable cost, but we are not willing to compromise on the quality of our chemicals, or the process that we use on your clothes.

Please feel free to talk to "Mr. Paresh (Owner)" for any additional questions or concerns.